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  • Melisa Shafiee

Happy Earth Day!

On Friday, April 22nd, Color For Empowerment celebrates Earth Day and encourages involvement in its goal. Earth Day is a time to reflect on the environment that is around us: the rivers that connect two distant lands together, the trees that keep us company as we explore the world, and the clean air that we take in. These beautiful and equally essential aspects are in danger as more toxic fumes are released, pollution increases, and global temperatures rise. It is crucial to spend Earth Day working towards ending barriers to a sustainable environment.

The celebration of Earth Day began in the mid-1900s when Americans were growing more conscious of the environment and more organizations were built to tackle pollution. After a perilous oil spill in California, Senators created campaigns dedicated to educating youth on their environment, which quickly expanded across the nation. Earth Day encouraged Americans to pay closer attention to the natural world around them and motivated them to create a cleaner world.

The creation of Earth Day had several monumental impacts, including the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air/Water Act. Over the years, Earth Day has grown to be celebrated globally, as it has become a “day of action” around the world.

We encourage you to continue these remarkable impacts by supporting your environment this Earth Day and continuing these actions moving forward. This can include picking up trash in your neighborhood, helping develop a community garden, or partaking in local environmental advocacy campaigns. Viewing the Earth Day website ( is a fantastic way to get started!

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