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  • Arushi Choudhury and Melisa Shafiee

Happy Earth Day 2021!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

In a time where society faces horrifying issues such as the ongoing pandemic and system racism, the climate is not on many people’s minds. However, climate change is a problem that has not gone away. Natural resources are depleting, and the environment is hurting, yet this has been forgotten by many. Therefore, it is crucial to dedicate time on April 22nd, Earth Day, to think about the environmental footprint we leave on this world.

Over the years, Earth Day has brought more awareness to environmental issues, and has encouraged legislators and civilians to protect their environment. Since the first official Earth Day in 1970, the Clean Air act and Water Quality Improvement act have been passed. Earth Day is celebrated to educate our population on all the incredible things our planet allows us to do and urge them to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Our planet is an incredible place, but it needs our help to flourish. April 22nd every year is a day of action to change human behavior and create a globally safe environment. Some actions that result in a happier and healthier place to live include :


By recycling, you’re using old products and turning them into new ones. Recycling pollution of air, water, and land while protecting natural resources

Conversing Energy!

t most forms of energy can cause pollution. Every time you turn off a light bulb or close the refrigerator door when you’re not using it, you're saving energy


Volunteer to pick up trash at a nearby park. This is a fun activity to do in your spare time and it’s a great way to help your local community

We encourage you to do your research on how to help your community as well! The more people celebrate Earth Day, the better off our planet will be!

While you've stopped by, be sure to check out our educational coloring books! There's no better time than today to purchase an entertaining coloring book aimed for children featuring creative elements while educating kids about social issues and topics, such as the one you just read!

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