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  • Arushi Choudhury

Making and Sticking with 2022 Resolutions

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

2022 is a year where you have the opportunity to learn from your past mistakes and set goals that will positively impact your daily life. Having goals can guide you in a forward direction and leave you feeling accomplished and proud once they have been reached. Instead of creating mindless goals with little motivation to achieve them, this blog is attempted to give you some tips so you can create smarter and achievable resolutions.

The first step is to categorize and break down each type of goal. Some common categories are "Personal", "Academic", "Mental", and "Physical". By grouping each resolution, you'll have an organized platform that you can refer back and edit/add goals to a specific category when necessary. Rather than dumping all goals on a master list, this strategy helps define clearer goals for each area of your life.

The second step is to use the SMARTER acronym as you write each of your goals. This acronym can be broken down to:

S - Specific

By creating specific goals, you'll be able to figure out answers to questions that may be obstacles to your objective, such as who will be involved, why you started this goal, how long this goal will take duration, and more.

M - Measurable

By creating measurable goals, you'll have a progress timeline that encourages you to keep on track. After every progress check has been reached, give yourself a reward and motivate yourself to take your goal a step further.

A - Achievable

By creating achievable goals, you're essentially asking yourself whether these goals are realistic and not obscure. While it's important to push yourself beyond your limits, it's important to make the goal a reality.

R - Relevant

By creating relevant goals, you'll have a reason for achieving every resolution you create. There should be a reason for incentivizing every goal and a reason for seeing notable outcomes.

T - Timely

By creating timely goals, you are working hand in hand with the "Measurable" acronym and ensuring all goals have deadlines and progress checks you can meet.

E - Evaluate

By honestly evaluating your goals when necessary, you'll give yourself feedback on areas to improve on by the next progress check. This gives you opportunities to learn from mistakes and prevent them in the future through evaluating what went wrong.

R - Readjust

By readjusting your goals, you're acknowledging that either this goal is unachievable at the moment or the deadlines are too close to the goal. Through readjusting goals, you'll have the power to overcome obstacles by looking at resolutions from another perspective and breaking barriers that may have prevented you from reaching this goal.

As you absorb and use these tips next year, it's important to not burn yourself out. While 2022 is a perfect year for efficiency, it's also important to take a step back and relax. We hope 2022 brings you productivity and peace!

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