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  • Melisa Shafiee

Protect Abortion Rights

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

A woman's right for abortion has always been a controversial topic within the US. The intense polarization with abortion has been reflected in the legislative policies of several US states, as some enforce policies that limit a woman's ability to have an abortion, even in cases where a pregnancy is caused by rape or incest. These restrictive policies have the potential to become even more severe if a recent Mississippi Law becomes passed in the US Supreme Court.

For some background, the state of Mississippi is calling for the national Roe v. Wade law (a law that vests women with the choice of receiving an abortion) to be overturned, and be replaced with laws that allow individual states to exercise their own practices for abortion. This could be detrimental since about 22 states are projected to further restrict - and potentially illegalize - abortion in their state if they are given the degree of power to do so.

Restricting or illegalizing abortion in almost half of the United States. It may sound impossible given the continuous movements for women's justice in this country, but it may be the legitimate future of the US. It would ruin a woman's ability to find resources to assist with their abortion. It would cause women who are already in difficult financial circumstances to endure even more complications. It would violate a right that all women deserve to have over their bodies and their futures. We cannot let any of this happen.

We encourage you to take action to ensure that a woman's rights will be protected no matter where they are located. These methods include: lobbying to state legislators, canvassing for reproductive rights during this election season, and donating to organizations like Planned Parenthood or the ACLU. For more information, we recommend viewing the Pro-Choice America website (

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