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  • Melisa Shafiee

Shows with Strong Black Leads

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Welcome to the Color for Empowerment blog! Today, we will talk about three shows that have strong, black leads.

First, we have How to Get Away with Murder, which is a critically acclaimed drama and thriller that is on Netflix. Viola Davis plays a smart and powerful defense attorney who investigates an intense murder case along with several interns at her law firm. The show garnered lots of positive attention and even resulted in Viola Davis to be the first black women to win an Emmy Award. If you love law shows, this one is for you!

Second, we have All-American, which is a sports drama found on Netflix. Daniel Ezra plays an all- star high school football player who encounters many triumphs and challenges when he is recruited to play for a Beverly Hills team. All-American also dives into the family of the protagonist and has many captivating story lines. It is even inspired by the life of NFL player, Spencer Paysinger.

Finally, we have black-ish, a popular sitcom on the ABC Network. Actors Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross play successful parents who attempt to immerse their children into black culture while they live in a predominantly white neighborhood. This is a show that I love watching with my Mom, and it has very interesting conflicts and storylines. Some of the storylines are also related to current events, such as recent presidential elections.

We hope you check out some of these amazing shows, and check back next week for our next blog!

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